TCA Wins Safety Award

TCA Wins Safety Award

March 15, 2010

Toray Composites America Wins Safety Award (Jan. 26, 2010)

TCA is the 2009 recipient of the John D. Spellman Safety Award from Evergreen Safety Council (ESC). ESC is a private, non-profit organization located in Seattle, Washington, which serves the businesses and communities of the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska through the dissemination of safety and health information and the provision of safety and health training.

This annual safety award was established by the 18th Washington State Governor in order to recognize member organizations that have demonstrated significant improvement or achievements in their safety program. TCA was selected as the recipient out of 257 member organizations! The award ceremony was held in Seattle on January 26th, and TCA was represented by Mr. Kondo, President and CEO; Mr. Duran, Operations Director; Mr. Avalone, Environmental Manager; and Mark Haller, Safety Manager.

In 2009, TCA refocused its efforts on safety by establishing an emphasis on associate involvement, hazard identification, and the tracking and completion of corrective actions. To accomplish these, TCA implemented daily, weekly and monthly activities as well special events that all served to put safety on the minds of all associates before they begin their work day; reinforce identifying unsafe conditions and work practices; and encouraged taking corrective actions to rectify those identified situations. Through all of these efforts of each Associate, TCA earned this special award.

Looking to the future, TCA is continuing to focus on safety and has set a ''Zero Accident'' goal for 2010!