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Research & Development

Learn about the work of our team of research scientists on composite materials.

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New Material Development

Learn about the material research activities from the Composite Materials Research Laboratory (CMRL).

Product Selector Guides

Learn how to choose the right composite product for your application.

Processing Guides

Learn from our experts about proper processing of our products and using them in the optimal applications.
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Data Sheets

Looking for a specific data sheet? View our list of technical data sheets by category.
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View a list of our recent publications.
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Technical Service

Toray CMA's best-in-class Technical Service group of composites experts and top-notch laboratory capabilities can help you with your technical challenges and find the optimum composites solution for your problems.

Carbon Fiber Terminology

Review a list of common carbon fiber terms and definitions to increase your product knowledge.
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Safety & Handling and SDS

Learn about our safety and handling guidelines to protect your workers and electrical devices.
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We adhere to the strictest quality assurance standards. View our quality manuals, certifications and approvals.

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