Introducing Toray to Frederickson Elementary

Introducing Toray to Frederickson Elementary

November 11, 2013

On November 4th, 5th, and 7th, members of TCA’s General Affairs department taught experimental science classes to three 5th grade classes at nearby Frederickson Elementary School. The 86 total students who participated in the classes were introduced to Toray Industries, water filtration technology, TCA, and prepreg manufacturing.

The presentation began with an introduction to Toray Industries, Inc. and TCA. Learning first about water filtration, the students were taught about the idea of separating particles by size, and got to see Toray’s ultrafiltration membrane separate clear water from orange juice.

After water filtration, the lesson moved to carbon fiber and prepreg. The students learned what prepreg is, and the steps that it takes to make it. Thanks to sample materials provided by Toray’s CSR Operations Department, students got to see first-hand the difference in weight between metal and carbon fiber. Students discussed the environmental benefits of water filtration and carbon fiber, like providing drinking water around the world and reducing greenhouse gasses from airplanes.

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The students were eager to learn about Toray and TCA, and had good questions and comments about their class; they were surprised to hear how many people do not have clean drinking water and how Toray’s technology can have such an impact around the world. TCA plans to expand the class so other associates can teach to more students in our area. 

See below for the article in Bethel School District's newsletter and video about TCA's class:

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