Secretary of State Corporations for Communities Honorable Mention

November 02, 2011

Dennis & SOS ReedSecretary of State Sam Reed held a  luncheon to honor two companies with National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) medallion recipients and twelve honorable mentions for the 2011 Corporations for Communities awards. Sterling Savings Bank in Spokane and Korsmo Construction of Tacoma received NASS medallions for community service from large and small business categories.

Toray Composites America (TCA) Vice President Dennis Frett travelled to Olympia to accept an honorable mention certificate. Reed has dedicated his third term to civic involvement, and has awarded each of Washington’s two annual National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) medallions since 2009 to civic-minded corporations. Reed chose to honor community service with the medallions, the highest honor awarded by his office, because of the level to which corporations continue to give to communities during these economically challenging times.

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to Toray’s business activities. It was an honor to be recognized amongst these fourteen community-focused organizations from a state-wide pool of nominees. TCA is pleased to commend its staff, who enjoy every opportunity to contribute to the community.