TCA Hosts 'Kizuna' for Japanese High School Students

TCA Hosts 'Kizuna' for Japanese High School Students

March 25, 2013

Within weeks of recognizing the two year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Tohoku, Japan, roughly 425 high school students from that area visited the United States to experience American culture and gain exposure to the business working environment. On March 25, 2013, TCA welcomed 2 of these students for a presentation that gave them the opportunity to learn about our company, American culture and school life,  and how to succeed in business. 

Prior to their TCA visit, the students spent time traveling across the United States, staying with host families and experiencing the American lifestyle. Upon arriving in the Seattle area, the students were comforted by the local Japanese community, who continue to support the ongoing relief efforts in Japan. 

Visiting TCA was a unique opportunity for the students to learn about how a Japanese company is running a successful business in the United States.  Presenters at TCAA included Mr. Tatsuma Nagaya, who at the time was Director of General Affairs at TCA; Mr. Masahiro Hashimoto, TCA Research Scientist; Mr. Sam Setoguchi, TCA Supply Chain Specialist; and Mr. Koichiro Tsuruhara, a student at the University of Washington. 

Mr. Nagaya began the presentation with an overview of TCA’s history and our role in the carbon fiber industry. He shared what a difference our materials have made for the Boeing 787, including the significant reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions. The students were particularly eager to learn that included in the list of uses for carbon fiber materials is structural support - as in helping bridges, walls, and railroads withstand powerful earthquakes. 

Following Mr. Nagaya, the other speakers offered information to the students about excitement at TCA, navigating through varying career paths, and what it’s like to be an international student living in the US. 

As the Japanese students returned to their large group to finish up their American tour, TCA felt honored to have been able to share some insight about our company, American culture, emerging into the business world, and being successful in life. We send all of the students our best wishes for their futures.