TCA Turns Twenty

TCA Turns Twenty

May 12, 2012

TCA reached its 20th anniversary on May 12th, 2012. To celebrate two decades of distinguished work, TCA held an anniversary luncheon on May 25th, 2012.  We invited over a hundred individuals, 36 members of the TCA management team.

During our luncheon, five VIP speakers praised TCA’s material contribution to the Washington State Aerospace Program. These VIP speakers were: Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, Consul General Kiyokazu Ota, Boeing Executives John Byrne and David Moe, and Senior Vice President of Toray Industries Moriyuki Onishi.

“We’re grateful for the powerful role that Toray plays in our supply chain, one of the largest aerospace supply chains in the world, the most advanced supply chain, and the jobs that the company brings our state,” said Gov. Gregoire.

Governor Gregoire is a staunch supporter of the Aerospace Program; she recently created an entire Washington State Department dedicated to Aerospace.

After lunch, the party assembled outside to plant a young Cherry Blossom tree into the ground. It has been a tradition here at TCA to plant a Cherry Tree on our compound to celebrate significant events. The VIP speakers rolled up their sleeves with our president Mr. Kondo, and helped plant the tree.

We had a wonderful 20th anniversary ceremony on May 25th. Our VIP guests helped make this a great celebration. When TCA began operation 20 years ago, we had only one prepreg machine. We are proud of our expansion in the past two decades and seek to become the Global No. 1 Prepreg Manufacturer.