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Urban Air Mobility (UAM) or Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is the future of transportation.  As the world population continues to grow, the current transportation networks cannot scale fast enough.  UAM/AAM offers a solution to take roadways and railways to the sky with air-based taxi and package delivery services.  


Technical Advantages of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials


Like traditional aircraft, weight is key!  The lighter the vehicle structure the greater the payload carrying capacity and range of the aircraft.  Carbon fiber composite materials offer high strength and stiffness at a fraction of the weight when compared to aluminum or steel.  Composite materials are also corrosion resistant. 


Structural Certification Challenges


UAM/AAM face similar challenges as traditional aircraft when it comes to government certification of the aircraft structure.  Toray Composite Materials America has worked with industry/government entities such as CMH-17 and FAA to develop public design data to streamline the structural certification process. 


Toray Technical Expertise


Toray Composite Materials America is a full material solutions provider.  The material is only as good as the data and the process knowledge available.  The engineering team leverages test data and advanced process modeling software to develop manufacturing parameters unique to different design or production considerations. 

Robust Supply Chain

Toray Composite Materials America is a vertically integrated high-volume carbon fiber and prepreg producer.  Most of the prepreg products are made and stored in inventory at the Tacoma Washington plant.  This allows for low minimum order quantities and quick lead times.  Often products can be sold as a single roll in just a few weeks. 

UAM Product Selector Guide

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2510 Technical Data Sheet

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3960 Technical Data Sheet

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