CPTC Math Conference Features TCA Presentation

October 17, 2013

Jay B PresentationOn October 10, TCA’s Standardization Manager, Jay Berndt, presented to over 100 eighth grade students about how math is applied in his job. Part of the 6thAnnual Clover Park Technical College Math Conference in Lakewood, Jay was one of many presenters whom the students listened to that day.

The conference was designed to demonstrate the importance of math in the real world, and students chose to hear from four out of over 80 presenters from different career fields like home building, marketing, firefighting, and of course, prepreg manufacturing.

Students attending Jay’s presentations learned about the impact that composite materials are making around the world.  They also learned about many ways in which math is applied to Jay’s work at TCA, including money savings, quality control metrics, explaining equipment behavior, and how to predict outcomes.

Jay used candy as an example to show students how to find the sum, mean, and standard deviation using a set of numbers. Each student drew a different number, which would hypothetically be the number of pieces of candy they could receive. They learned how to decide, with about 95% certainty, whether they would vote to keep their current number of candies, or pool everyone’s candy together and distribute it evenly.  While many of the students knew intuitively if they wanted to pool their candy together, they did not fully understand how to apply the mathematical concepts.

The engaged classrooms left with new knowledge of the growing composites industry and the important role that math plays in a job like Jay’s.

TCA is proud to be an active member of the community, providing many opportunities for education. We look forward for future opportunities to engage with young people and offer information and insight as they consider the career and life options ahead of them.