TCA Participates in PCSC's

April 18, 2012

While it is obvious that TCA is highly invested PSCS Career Day 1in the training and education of its own employees, it is also an active contributor to the education of high school age students in the Tacoma area who are interested in composite manufacturing. The Pierce County Skills Center (PCSC), established in 2010, features an Aerospace Composites program for those very students. TCA has been working with the program to help develop the curriculum, which is modeled directly after real projects that students will experience when they emerge into the work force.

Jeff Hawkey, TCA’s Senior Production Manager, has been on the PCSC aerospace composite program’s advisory committee for six months. While Jeff and TCA are eager to be involved in a program that has a lot to offer for local students, it is a mutually beneficial partnership. So naturally, when PCSC had its first career fair, “Plan for Your Future Day,” on April 18th, TCA had no hesitation in participating. In addition to a lobby full of company and school booths, the event also had classrooms reserved for presentations by each participant.  

PCSC Career Day 2Representing TCA was Jared Campbell, Technical Engineer; and John Knasiak, Production Technician. With a room full of students enrolled in the aerospace composites program, Campbell and Knasiak provided an overview of TCAs history, products, work environment, training and safety, and benefits. For many students, this was a first glimpse at where their new skills and education could actually take them. TCA looks forward to an ongoing partnership with PCSC’s Aerospace Composites program. More information about PCSC and its programs can be found at