Tamana Girls Visit TCA

June 14, 2011

Tamana GirlsThe Tamana All Girls High School Band  performed for TCA on June 14. This performance was the Tamana Girl’s way of saying “thank you” for TCA’s continued support of their exchange program. This exchange program involves both the Tamana Girls and the Graham-Kapowsin High School ensemble, a school in the TCA area.

TCA planned the event with both Graham-Kapowsin and Tamana, taking nearly six months of preparation. The ensemble performed before TCA Associates during their lunch. Edwin Powell, a music director from nearby Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), acted as guest conductor for a Tsunami tribute: The Sun Will Rise. The Tamana Girls played five songs, ranging from American Jazz Artist Glenn Miller, to traditional Japanese symphonies.

After the performances, the Tamana Girls were escorted to an off-site lunch we had prepared for them. We presented a donation to the Bethel School District as part of our continuing CSR initiative to support culture and the arts. At the lunch, TCA was given two awards by the Bethel School District for our continued support of the partnership between the Tamana Girls and Graham-Kapowsin. The Tamana Girls ended their tour at PLU later that evening. The Graham-Kapowsin band joined the performance playing pieces both with, and without, the Tamana Girls. The band’s repertoire included music from the two band’s own music. It was great to see two bands from the opposite sides of the Earth work together.