TCA Begins New Battery Recycling Program

October 01, 2011

In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility and as a service to associates, Toray Composites America (TCA) has established battery recycling stations in three locations on the company premises. Associates can now recycle the following types of batteries at work:

  • Alkaline (D, C, AA, AAA)
  • Ni Cad (Nickel cadmium)
  • Lithium Ion
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Button batteries (watch, hearing aid, etc.)

This program is for associates and their households only, not a business, school or other collection effort. Batteries contain environmentally-hazardous chemicals. Battery recycling is available at some local retail outlets, but many locations are inconvenient and household batteries still end up in landfills. This initiative intends to assist associates in reducing environmental exposure to hazardous household waste.