Science Experiment Demonstration for Local Japanese Elementary Students

Science Experiment Demonstration for Local Japanese Elementary Students

February 27, 2013

The Seattle Japanese School, which is actually located in Bellevue, holds classes every Saturday in Japanese to help students stay at the same level as their peers in Japan.  The curriculum includes a science class, but the school does not have access to a laboratory, so the learning is mostly theoretical. 

However, there is an after school learning program in Bellevue that does provide the kind of hands-on learning opportunities in a real laboratory environment, the Japanese Science Lab Club.  At the Japanese Science Lab Club students have the opportunity to see some practical applications to the lessons they learn in Japanese and this really sparks their interest in science. 

The Japanese Science Lab Club requested TCA provide an informational lecture and demonstration on February 4th and 5th for 30 local Japanese students. 

Toray’s presentation had four parts.

1)      Overview of TCA’s business

2)      Explanation of how substances dissolve in water

3)      Filtering experiment using ultrafiltration membrane

4)      Protecting the global environment

In a prior experiment the students were able to filter iodized starch out of a purple liquid using a paper filter.  However, when students tried to filter orange juice, it was still just orange juice.  Then we demonstrated Toray’s ultrafiltration technology for the students.  They were excited to see the orange juice going in and clear water coming out and this filtering experiment was a big hit. 

The Japanese Science Lab Club also extended the invitation to the lecture to students’ parents and many of them were able to attend.  Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and give comments about Toray.  It was very successful.

In the past year TCA has demonstrated this same filtering experiment two times.  Once was at the Cherry Blossom Festival held in Seattle Center and the other was for a TCA internal family event.

In the near future, TCA will continue to expand our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities in local academic schools and at the Seattle Japanese School.